Sunday, January 31, 2010


Do you know how it feel sometimes when u have a week's holiday but then after few days you might end up feeling bored and want to get back to routine.That is how goa was to me.
OK,accepted that it is a holiday and one cannot expect a story line.
Still all play and no work makes jack a dull boy!!!
There is nothing except comedy and it goes overboard at times.
Ofcourse Premji's, Jai's and Vaibhav's acting were commendable and I like Premji's acting the most.
Aravind and Sampath acted as the controversial couple.Though it was irritating at times, they did their part well is all I can say.
I felt Pia (heroine from poi solla porom) looked much better in the previous movie.
And make up did not help in hiding Sneha's age lines though she did justice to her role.
Unfortunately music also did not compensate for all the negative aspects in the movie.
Overall though everyone acted well there could have been some story in the movie.

Bottom line- Go with no expectations,you might still return dissatisfied !!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Place,New vegetables!!!

Though I have heard of them,I have never actually tried using them in chennai (where cooking itself was a daunting task for me unlike here)
Two new vegetables for me are brussel sprouts and brocolli.
I have heard and seen both in India-former in ooty and later in restaurants but never tried any recipes with them.
Brussel sprouts are similar to baby cabbage and tastes similar to it.
One can make normal curry like we cook cabbage or make subzi for rotis by adding onions,tomatoes,etc.
Visit for subzi using brussel sprouts.
And they are healthy too.
Brocolli is similar to cauliflower and can be used along with cauliflower or cooked similar to it.
You can find many recipes in the net.I even found a recipe for brocolli parupu usili (very traditional brahmin dish) and planning to try that as well :-)
Google has become my guru and I have started trying out new recipes with our good old vegetables.Some of them being spinach paratha and cabbage kofta.
All these can again be found in the net :-)
Google iruka bayam yen!!! :D

I am a morning person

In chennai,I used to wake up at 4.30AM during weekdays or at max 5-5.15AM(if I had returned home pretty late the previous night) and my friends used to be surprised that I dont fall asleep in office :D
Ok I had a purpose there , where I had to make some decent lunch and be awake when the servant maid comes (she gets up at 3.30am everyday which needs a separate blog on its own!!!)
And here I have no lunch boxes to pack nor wait for any maid servant,still I am awake at 6AM at max with nothing to do !!
But I so much love this morning hours when I can drink my coffee for almost half an hour with no hurry to catch a bus :)
Its pretty cold right these days and I am planning to go out during this morning hour once the winter disappears and spring starts :)
Even now I am writing this blog with a cup of coffee in my hand and the entire beautiful morning lies ahead of me!!! :-)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Getting ready for the most important day of your life!!!

Marriage is one of the most important occasions in his/her life and I just thought of blogging about what one generally needs to start planning/preparing or make a check list of and have it done before the main day.
Though I am not aware of the customs in the all the religions , I will try to make a generalized list of what is required in all the marriages,specifically from a girl's point of view :D
Generally there is a minimum of 4-6 months period from the engagement or formalization of marriage date which is pretty much sufficient if planned well.
1.The most important is the kalyana mandapam and though mostly the bride or groom will not go through the turmoil of calling every mandapam to check the availability ,this has to be finalized first after a visit to the mandapam.Generally the mandapam will undertake the responsibility for making the arrangement of registering the marriage.Just make sure that arrangements are made for this as the couple might be travelling abroad soon after the marriage for which the bride (rarely the groom :D) might have to acquire the visa.
2.Then comes the catering , which comes as a package deal these days with all other mandapam arrangements like decoration of the main area,arrangement of pooja items,even the jaanvasam car (if required in case of brahmin marriage),the "seervarisai" of all the sweets and murukku (even packed individually and arranged in the thaamboolam bags which are to be distributed among the people who come for the marriage).
Also ensure the invitations count and design are decided well in advance and delivered well before (atleast 30-45days before marriage) so that they can be planned to be posted,couriered or given in person and make sure that there is plenty of time for this.
3.This might not be the most important in general,but this is the most important from the bride s point of view----arrangement for the beautician.
Getting a good beautician's appointment has become as difficult as booking a mandapam and this has to be given equal priority so as to avoid last minute tensions!!
Try to arrange for a beautician whose work you have already seen or experienced so that you need not end up having surprises at the end.
Even if it is a popular beauty salon , try to get a particular beautician's appointment whom you are familiar with,if not have a trial makeup well ahead-its really worth!(Anyone who reads this blog requires a beautician please let me know as I will strongly vouch for mine anyday!!!)
4.Then comes the purchase of sarees.From my own experience,I would say please try to purchase simple sarees and get a grand one for the main occasion alone.
(My designer saree is sleeping in the box for the past 2.5yrs!!!)
Also these sarees require lot of maintenance and in this fast paced world we almost forget them unless your mother or mil takes care of it (as it is in my case :D)
5.In case of artwork in the blouses,they are a good choice but a costly one.
So depending on your budget try deciding upon the extent to which you want the blouses to be designed.
Mainly make sure the tailor is good by first giving a sample blouse after which start giving your main blouses.Try giving 2 blouses at a time as bulk stitching may leave you unhappy later!!!
A week before marriage make sure the blouses fit you properly as before , because the brides may lose weight due to their diet and exercise (so as to look good for the day) and also mainly because of the emotional stress that they go through thinking about the new phase of their life (experience speaks!!! :D)
6.Then comes the accessories(bangles,necklaces,earrings,etc) for the sarees which also has to be planned well ahead.
Dreams come true in chennai egmore,Narayana Pearls in Tnagar have never let me down.
7.If you are interested in having a "jadai" for your marriage , please make sure you personally choose the one you wish for because mostly the jadai has more of colored ropes and threads rather than flowers.
If you are not so keen on jadai there are plenty of options in the market (right from plain gold to kundan work and pearls) which looks even more gorgeous.
Again there are plenty of options if you roam around in tnagar and finally one gets confused with what to wear and what not to!!! :)
8.If you are allergic to any kind of creams or powder please make sure that the beautician is well aware of it.
9.Mostly the beautician will take care of the mehandi unless you are planning to have a grand mehandi ceremony for which again I can direct you to the right people if you wish for it.
10.Ensure you have all tiny things that you may require at the last moment right from safety pins to black threads.
11.Though the groom may not have as much shopping to do as the bride,please try to ensure that the reception dress gels well with the saree the bride has chosen.
12.If a honeymoon is planned immediately after the marriage,ensure that the transportation arrangements and accomodation is planned well ahead.
13.In case of joining the husband abroad as dependent, make sure you make the visa arrangements well ahead and get an appointment for the visa interview (required mostly) a couple of days after the marriage so that you are sure that you have the marriage certificate in hand (which is the most important).Also make sure you have informed your parents where you keep the documents because you might forget it in all the hoopla :D
14.Most important,keep smiling always :-)
I have made the above list based on my own experiences few are based upon close friends marriages and I hope you guys find it useful !!!
Though there might been circumstances when you may have hardly a month before the marriage (I have seen few instances of this recently) during which you may have to make all these arrangements within a short duration you can still make very good arrnagements as friends and relatives are ever ready to help the bride/groom and the parents :-)
Hope you have a memorable time getting ready for your big day!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My experiences with cuisines

Though it has been only 3 months since I came to the US ,I have tried as many cuisines as possible (atleast those cuisines in which I get good vegetarian varieites to some extent :D ).
I was awed seeing the quantity being served here rather than the taste.
I really like spicy food which lacked in most of the restaurants here as they were "americanised". (even the kurma in an indian restaurant was bland ! )
But then the desserts were awesome in most of the restaurants and I mostly used to skip my main course in some of the mexican restaurants and just end up having a brownie :D
Surprisingly the saravana bhavan here is not as good as their chain back in India.
And we have found a far better indian restaurant in our locality , Mylapore.
Asian cuisines like Thai and chinese are awesome and I hated Mexcian untill I visited a Mexican Grill, Chipotle which is more of a fast food joint.
I was reminded of our own frankie :)
Unlike many others here, I love the vegetarian pizzas, which I have tasted till now and subway is awesome as ever (subway is my all time favourite!!!)
However, I would just forego all these for more kozhambu and paruppu usili at home.:D

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pleasure of cooking

For the past 2 months the only job that I do is cooking.Though I do not want to call it a job :-)
I have realised how cooking can be a pleasure when you cook for others.
Every week I try out a couple of new recipes atleast and I am really happy when I hear kausthu saying its awesome or when his friends say the dish you made for us the other day was superb and ask me for the recipe.
Thanks to google , all recipes are available online with video instructions and it is equivalent to my mamiar or amma teaching me a new recipe.
I hope I try out as many cuisines as possible in the years to come though am confined to Indian alone currently!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Since my childhood I have never imagined my life outside India , chennai to be precise.
But God has made his own plans :-)
Previous blog , I had mentioned my mixed emotions after kausthu left for CA.
Now I ve joined him and this has made me the happiest person right now :-)

Life here is not much different to me from chennai.One major difference is that I am becoming a typical house wife, which is temporary.
Probably a break , in kausthu s words :-)
I am not missing Chennai much with him besides me.
But ofcourse I miss the crowded streets and cows and crows.
I miss my scooty and rides on the thunderbird.
I miss the weekend outings with my friends and the bday parties.
Though I do not go to many kutcheris, I will miss the december season concerts and hype and festive atmosphere which chennai is proud of!
I used to crib about my work, but i miss the early morning and late evening bus shuttles when i used to enjoi the solitude.
I miss the tea breaks and lunch breaks and evening snacks just before the shuttle.
I miss the late saturday brunch at home after watching a late night movie at satyam/inox on friday.
Tears pour down when I think of the lunch and dinner my mother(s) (god will not forgive me if i consider kausthu s mom as in law!!) fondly prepare for us when we are tired after an exhausted day at work.
I really miss those strong words of comfort which we recieve from our parents and the sense of closeness and affection which we feel in their presence.
I miss those days with my friends when we used to have hour long chats about nothing :-)
I miss my mother tongue and weekend visits to shirdi sai baba temple!!
Its too early, I know, but I miss dear chennai a lot!!!

Now for some good thoughts.
We have some really good friends here, his colleagues, who are ever ready to help us , whenever we need.
They make our lives easier here and our weekends fly when we are with them!!!
We are enjoying life here though life is not the same as in chennai.
Still this is a new phase which enriches our life with new experiences as we meet new people.
Waiting eagerly for the long weekend trip and more blogs to follow.
Signing off in a happy mood as only three days are left for the long weekend :-)